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Ultrasonic Baths & Accessories

Soniclean 3 Litre Bath

Soniclean 3 Litre Bath

Code: UB160D

Soniclean's 3 Litre benchtop model is a very popular choice for a wide reaching range of cleaning applications. It's streamlined, lightweight and effective design ensures an optimal result for those looking for long-term value.

Soniclean digital bench top ultrasonic cleaners are the most effective medical grade ultrasonic cleaners in the market place. The pulsed broadband ultrasonic frequencies achieve optimum cleaning results using adaptive pulse swept power.

This unit comes with a built in touch control timer enabling `set-and-forget’ operation, it is compact and sealed against harsh external environments, and is manufactured in compliance with: AS2773, AS4187 and HTM 2030.

• Two (2) years warranty.
• Adjustable digital countdown timer from 1-99 minutes by pressing "More" or "Less" key buttons. At the end of the cleaning process, the "End" message displays with long beep.
• Ultrasonic power levels - 60% (Low), 80% (Medium), 100% (High).
• Degas function.
• Noise level below 75dBA during operation.
• Lid interlock function option to pause ultrasonic if lid is open during cleaning cycle. HTM 2030 compliant.
• Programmable user setup and status display.
• When any key is pressed a short audible feedback is provided. This sound can also be turned off during the setup.
• Transducer protection against thermal shock, mechanical shock and empty tank operation.
• Stainless steel tank and powder coated metal corrosion resistance casing.
• Designed and manufactured by Soniclean Pty Ltd under ISO 9001 Quality System.
• Maximum efficiency independent of water levels.
• Inbuilt protection against thermal shock and empty tank operation.
• User-friendly touch control keypad and display.
• Programmable silent key press for countdown timer, water temperature and power level.
• Delivers gentle, precise and thorough ultrasonic cleaning – the most effective method of cleaning and removal of fine foreign soil from crevices and all areas of dental and surgical instruments.
• Removes stubborn soil including blood contaminates without damage to the instruments.
• Cleans in a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods, reducing the overall operational and running costs.
• Model number: UB160D with Digital Timer c/w stainless steel lid, perforated insert tray & drain outlet/tap/hose
• Tank size: 235mm x 138mm x 100mm deep
• Tank capacity: 3 litres
• Ultrasonic power: 70W
• Operating frequency: 43-45 kHz


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Soniclean Digital Bath

Soniclean Digital Bath

Code: UBSD

1.6 Litre. Actual bath inner size = L 235mm x W 138mm x D 65mm

Sonicleans new digital unit is easily programmed to the operator's exact requirements, and the intelligent software memory stores these settings for the next usage. The operator can accurately program cycle settings such as clean time, degas time, power level, heater temperature and power duty cycle to prevent processing above set temperatures.

Soniclean offer a 2-year extended warranty on their digital unit.
Advanced features include:
- Standard drain outlet on all digital models.
- Ergonomic, easy-view LED's with user friendly 7 segments display located at the top of front unit.
- More effective ultrasonic activity throughout the whole tank with Adaptive Pulse Swept Power technology.
- Special degassing cycle. This special routine takes place during start-up.
- Status display e.g. water temperature, last cleaning time, set degas time, set clean time, power level, set heater temperature, power duty cycle.
- Completely sealed construction to International Protection IP66 (dust-proof, protected against powerful water jets) and IP67 (protected against effects of immersion in water to depth up to 1 metre).
- Moisture detection inside unit to warn user if the tank leaks.
- Clear key to default to factory setting.
- Transducer protection against thermal shock and also an empty tank for extended period.
- Power load and over temperature protection.


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Soniclean Ultra Sonic Bath Basket - 1.6 Ltr

Soniclean Ultra Sonic Bath Basket - 1.6 Ltr

Code: UBB1.6

SoniClean perforated stainless steel tray.


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Soniclean Ultra Sonic Bath Basket - 3.0 Ltr

Soniclean Ultra Sonic Bath Basket - 3.0 Ltr

Code: UBB3

SoniClean perforated stainless steel tray.


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