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TATSoul Valor Direct Rotary Machines

TATSoul Valor Direct Rotary Machine - 2.5mm Black

TATSoul Valor Direct Rotary Machine - 2.5mm Black

Code: TSVD2.5BLK

TATSoul is proud to introduce the Valor Rotary Tattoo Machine. After 2 years in development, TATSoul has perfected the rotary machine.

The Valors impeccable craftsmanship is conceived and created to outperform in every area.

Precision Machining: The Valors sleek and practical body conveys the power and strength within. Using 5 axis CNC machines, TATSoul has achieved a bold design featuring incredible precision. The Valor is machined within 0.03mm of accuracy. Every machine is hand-assembled and tested by our in-house team, ensuring that each part is matched for a perfect fit. The Valor is extremely strong yet remarkably lightweight, allowing for ideal weight distribution and performance.

Magnetic Repulsion Mechanism: Even more than its meticulous engineering, the Valor is defined by its innovation. The Valors patent-pending Magnetic Repulsion Mechanism represents the kind of innovation that answers an artists needs. The unique magnetic spring and dampening system is designed to hit hard while cushioning the full extension of the needle for a smoother pullout. With the Valors magnetic system, you will never need to worry about replacing your return spring.

Versatility: For those who prefer a cartridge set-up over a traditional needle set-up, a second non-magnetic end cap is included to remove the machines cushion, allowing the cartridge to function at its best.

Spring Tensioner: The patent-pending Spring Tensioner eliminates the need for rubber bands. Unlike other spring tensioners with a rigid arm, the Valor features a spring steel construction which applies soft, even tension. This gives you the flexibility of a rubber band, with the reliability and convenience of a built-in needle tensioner.

Single Tool Break Down: Included with every Valor is a Valor Key, the only tool you will need to completely break down your machine. No more searching for the right-size Allen key. The Valor Key not only looks great, its shape gives you a superior grip. Molded into the grip is a slot, used when removing the machines runner.


  • Lightweight at only 2.8 oz.
  • Works well with both cartridge systems and standard needle setups
  • Precision CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum body
  • Power connection: RCA
  • Premium Swiss Maxon motor for ultimate efficiency
  • Unique needle stabilizer design, eliminating the need for rubber bands
  • Patent-pending Magnetic Repulsion Mechanism replaces springs that can wear out overtime
  • Body is autoclavable
  • Patent-pending Spring Tensioner eliminates the need for rubber bands
  • Includes a Valor Key; the only tool needed to break down the machine
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY Structural Warranty; One Year Motor Warranty
  • Assembled in the USA

The Full Valor Set-Up Includes:

  • The Valor comes fully assembled in a configuration of your choice. You may choose either a 2.5mm, 3.5mm, or 4.0mm stroke bearing to be assembled into the machine.
  • 2 end caps; one for the needle set-up(standard installed in the machine) and one for the cartridge set-up
  • Valor Key


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