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Swashdrive Compact Machines

Swashdrive Compact Machine - Screw On Version

Swashdrive Compact Machine - Screw On Version


THE SWASHDRIVE COMPACT MACHINE, Available is 2 styles - Tube Lock Vice & Screw Fitting. No tools are required to adjust the stroke or give on our new machines. We have created the smallest machine we can around the Maxon DCX motor with adjustable stroke and give.

The give is adjusted by turning the dial to one of 6 settings we also supply a rigid bar if you prefer no give. Our adjustable stroke swashplate gives you the ability to change stroke from 1mm through 6mm by simply flicking the D shaped lever on top of the swashplate up then while holding it winding the dial underneath to your desired stroke then push the D shaped lever flat to lock the hub.

Our threaded version is very simple, all you need to do is wind on our matching adjustable depth grip or your existing Cheyenne style threaded grip.

The adjustable stroke swashplate and adjustable give are the same on both machines.

Every Swashdrive compact (threaded or tube lock) comes with a complete kit of accessories including Allen keys, both adjustable and rigid drive pin, RCA to Clip Cord adaptor, and extra anvil which allows you to use your standard needles and tubes.


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