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Swashdrive Brush Composite Machine

Swashdrive Brush Composite Machine

Swashdrive Brush Composite Machine


Includes: Machine Head, Stainless Steel K Mount Bolt & 32mm Composite Grip, Rigid & Give pushbars.

The latest innovation from Swashdrive, a sleek, lightweight, slimline tattoo machine that really does make it seem like you are tattooing with a Brush. The new brushless motor powering our latest machine is a whole new technology in small DC powered motors. Startup voltage is 9.0 volts, this is the minimum voltage needed to power up the electronic circuit board that controls the motor.

The new style CNC’ed Delrin (acetal) grip fits to a stainless steel k-mount bolt, with added stainless steel cam lock insert, which will ensure exceptional tight grip on cartridges, is easily adjustable and autoclavable.

Operating Voltages:

9 volts at start-up will deliver 2000 rpm or 33 CPS

11 volts = 3000 rpm / 50 CPS

13 volts = 6000 rpm / 100 CPS

16 volts = 9000rpm / 150 CPS

Maximum RPM is 22 volts

Machine Weights:

Brush Machine Head: 57 grams (2.0 ounce)

Grip 89 Grams (3.13 ounces)


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