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Gen 8 Cutback Rigid - Brushless

Gen 8 Cutback Rigid - Brushless

Gen 8 Cutback Rigid - Brushless

Code: SDG8Rigid

New design rigid Gen 8 Brushless.
- Hinged adjustable rear bearing track.
- 5 watt brushless motor custom built by Swashdrive using some Maxon parts.
- The new Gen8 is smaller, lighter and better balanced than our previous model.
- We have laser etched the polished stainless steel tube clamp.

We have made the brushless Gen 8 as small as possible. It comes with a set of 2 anvil weights, a bottle of Oust oil, and allen keys to make any adjustments.

The brushless Gen8 has the same choice of rigid or adjustable give clip as the previous model.

Our Gen8 series now come with the needle tensioner fitted to the frame.

Important Information on the Brushless Motor

Brushless Motor Characteristics:

The brushless motor powering your new Brush is an entirely new technology in small DC powered motors.

A minimum start-up voltage of 9.0 volts is required to activate the electronic circuit board that controls the motor. This may seem high but that’s the way it’s designed and will not cause any damage. The current draw at 9.0 volts is only 0.1 amp (0.9 watt) and 20 volts will draw 0.5 amps and deliver a massive 10 watts of power.

Motor spool up may seem slow at first but this is part of its electronic programming to ensure a softer ramping up of motor acceleration up to the desired RPM. This is very different to a typical brushed motor which responds instantly when it’s powered up.

The brushless motor also has an internal speed governing circuit which maintains very accurate speed settings as load varies during operation.

The result is super smooth running and zero motor surging.

Important to note - the power input is polarity sensitive + -

The positive (Red) wire must be connected to centre of the RCA plug.

Wiring the machine the other way will not destroy anything, it simple will not operate !

There is also an overload cut out to prevent motor destruction in the event of a lockup or overload situation. In this case the motor will trip out and reset after 3 seconds before restarting.

Operating Voltages
9 volts at start-up will deliver 2000 rpm or 33 CPS
11 volts = 3000 rpm / 50 CPS
13 volts = 6000 rpm / 100 CPS
16 volts = 9000rpm / 150 CPS
Maximum RPM is 22 volts


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