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Gen 8 Combo Adjustable - Brushless

Gen 8 Combo Adjustable - Brushless

Gen 8 Combo Adjustable - Brushless


This new brushless combo version (screw fit) allows you to use a Swashdrive Grip and it will also accept a threaded Hawk style grip.

  • This version has the adjustable give clip.
  • Hinged adjustable rear bearing track.
  • Brushless motor custom built by Swashdrive using some Maxon parts. (Our custom motor can be rebuilt when the bearings wear out, just send it back to Swashdrive for a low cost overhaul.)

The new Gen8 is smaller, lighter and better balanced than our previous model. Machine weight: 83 grams, 2.9 ounces We have made the brushless Gen 8 as small as possible. It comes with a bottle of Oust oil, and allen keys to make any adjustments.

The brushless motor powering this new Swashdrive is an entirely new technology in small DC powered motors.

A minimum start-up voltage of 9.0 volts is required to activate the electronic circuit board that controls the motor. This may seem high but that’s the way it’s designed and will not cause any damage. The current draw at 9.0 volts is only 0.1 amp (0.9   watt) and 20 volts will draw 0.5 amps and deliver a massive 10 watts of power.

The brushless motor also has an internal speed governing circuit which maintains very accurate speed settings as load varies during operation, the result is super smooth running and zero motor surging.

*** grip sold separately


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