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Eikon Power Supplies

EMS420 Eikon Power Supply

EMS420 Eikon Power Supply

Code: PS36


We took our most innovative power supply on the market today, gathered feedback from artists like you, along with advances in technology and design - and kicked it all up a notch. Prepare to be impressed with the EMS420.

Accuracy and responsiveness are critical during the tattoo process. You need to be able to tap into your desired voltage, with precise response and control. Inaccuracy simply can’t happen. So – we have completely re-written the operating system, incorporated smart chip technology and made some changes both inside and out.


  • High touch sensitivity voltage adjustment buttons for quick and accurate fine touch adjustments and rapid 0.2 volts/3 x per second coarse voltage adjustments.
  • Sleep Mode - 30 minutes
  • Brightly lit green LCD display and LED buttons
  • Metallic gold fleck green enclosure
  • Durable precision laser cut stainless steel stand
  • Designed and manufactured using 95% North American quality components


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ES300 Eikon Power Supply

ES300 Eikon Power Supply

Code: PS29

Meet the newest member of the Eikon Family of Power - the ES300. This little power supply combines some of the best features of an Eikon power supply in a compact, easy-to-travel-with package.

Key Features

  • Designed and manufactured by Eikon in Canada
  • Delivers the same smooth, stable Eikon power as the EMS400... in a MUCH SMALLER PACKAGE!
  • 36 Watts of power!
  • Compatible with rotary and coil machines
  • Visual voltage indicator - using six “Voltage Meter Bars” on the faceplate
  • Oversized, divotted aluminum control knob for easy adjustments & mode changes
  • Easily switch between two footswitch modes: Momentary and Maintained
  • Rear jacks keep cords out of your way and your workspace uncluttered
  • Eikon’s “Sticky Foot” base ensures the ES300 stays securely planted on your workspace
  • Takes up 52% less space than the EMS400 when traveling
  • Smaller adapter and cord to reduce overall size
  • Sleep mode to prevent excess power draw when not in use
  • Dimensions: 5 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 2.0625"
  • Weight: 309 g/10.9 oz. without adapter & cord / 540 g/19 oz. with adapter & cord
  • 0-18V @ 2 amps
  • 36 Watts
  • 1-year warranty
  • Designed and manufactured by Eikon in Canada


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