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Pyroneg Liquid

Pyroneg Liquid

Code: PYR

Specialist ultrasonic and spray wash detergent.

2 Litres.

Liquid Pyroneg is specially formulated for the superior cleaning of medical instruments in ultrasonic and washer disinfectors.

Key Properties
Liquid Pyroneg is a mildly alkaline detergent containing a blend of wetting agents and sequestrants and is formulated specifically for cleaning of medical instruments in theatre and sterile service departments. The product is ideal for the pre-soaking of surgical instruments to remove gross soiling in theatre prior to transfer to sterile services and provides superior results in ultrasonic washers and washer disinfectors.

• Suitable for use in all water conditions
• Ensures rapid and complete removal of soils
• Concentrated for greater economy in use
• Ease of handling in convenient small pack
• Accurate manual dosing with portion controlled dosing cap
• Complies with recommendations of AS/NZS 4187:2003 as a suitable instrument wash detergent.

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Pyroneg Powder 3kg Tub

Pyroneg Powder 3kg Tub


Now available in powder form.

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