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Protat Natural Tattoo Jelly

Protat Natural Tattoo Jelly 2L

Protat Natural Tattoo Jelly 2L

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Natural Tattoo Jelly with Vitamin E

A modern, superior alternative to Vaseline & Petroleum jelly

  • Lubricates Needle
  • Helps stop ink from getting into pores
  • Allows skin to be cleaned easier
  • Allows pigment to pool on the skin
  • Helps steel tubes to be cleaned easier
  • Natural vitamin E


  • Lubricates needle.
  • Lubricates the tube so that the solder of the needles doesn’t affect the pigment, especially new tubes when using white.
  • Stops the ink from getting into dry skin pores, and allows the skin to be cleaned easier.
  • Allows for free flowing hand movement on skin, many artists laze their machine hand with it so they get a smooth line movement.
  • Contains vitamin E for the reduction of skin reddening, allowing more true tones … particularly during portrait work.
  • Reduces congealing - blood clotting on the skin is unsightly, and can dry the pigment and skin out. Apply Protat tattoo jelly during breaks to allow haemoglobin to flow and not be trapped by blood. Easier to clean on return and start off where you left.
  • Also allows for the pigment to pool on the skin and not run away from the area being tattooed. This is important as you will need to fill your tube less frequently.
  • Also used for stabilising ink caps on the prep area, too soft they move...
  • Allows you to apply water to the tattooed area, enabling you to see through the pigment and into the dermis. Allows the pigmentation to be magnified and makes it possible for you to assess the saturation level of the pigment/tattooed area. Without lube the water will not react as well and doesn’t allow for the depth perception that is required, water alone is dull.
  • Wiping an area without water and lube is painful, and the combination of the 2 will allow for longer tattoo sessions, and a much more comfortable sitting for the client.
  • Some people also apply lubrication to the final tattoo, allowing it to retain moisture and haemoglobin under a barrier wrap, fooling the skin into thinking it has not healed, which allows more haemoglobin to secrete. This speeds up recovery time and allows the tattoo to be cleaned much easier when the client washes it for the first time.
  • Allows steel tubes to be cleaned easier, as the lube doesn’t allow the pigment into the metals.
  • Also used on grommets on the needle bar, to allow for small movement on the arm bar, stopping pigment splatter. This is not well known, but is used by many old timers and works extremely well with some rotaries, and all coils.
  • Null in colour, thus allowing the true tone of the pigment to be seen.
  • Can also be used for lubricating the catheter for piercing … allows an easier, smoother piercing. Most piercers use some form of lubricant, like water based ky jelly.
  • Has several other uses in piercing, lubricates instruments for easier insertion and stretchers, stretching tunnels etc, fitting larger plugs.

Ingredients Protat Natural Jelly 2kg
Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Beeswax, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Tocopheryl Acetate (Natural Vitamin E)


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